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  • SRM Security Risk Management
  • SRM Security Risk Management
  • SRM Security Risk Management
  • SRM Security Risk Management
  • SRM Security Risk Management

Maritime Security Solutions

Land Based Energy Security

Infrastructure Security Solutions

Security Risk Management (SRM)

Delivering security and support to governments and supply chains around the world

SRM is a leading security solutions service provider, with a long international track record of discreetly taking a preventative approach to protect its clients’ interests. Respect, integrity and using graduated proportionate responses are key principles at the core of our working culture.

We provide turnkey supply chain solutions to secure the protection of people, freight and natural resources as they travel or undertake projects in unstable environments. On-the-ground support to clients around the globe is backed by our state-of-the-art 24/7 operation centre which gives us the ability to plan and implement rapid reactions to any incidents.

Although exceptionally well-placed and equipped to provide frontline support, our soft skills set us apart from competitors. For example:

  • Every effort is made to match the regional experiences within our workforce with project locations.
  • Each specialist has an uncompromising history in understanding and upholding health and safety standards, particularly in heavy machinery environments.
  • We operate an open-book policy, so prospective customers can see evidence of our track record and integrity for themselves.

Important facts

  1. The average hostage duration is 316 days
  2. The average ransom paid is $4,000,000
  3. An estimated 383 seafarers are currently being held hostage by pirates
  4. A ship protected by armed security has never been taken

Although we are one of the few Security Risk Management (SRM) companies with true maritime protection expertise and in-house experience from around the globe, our staff consider it a privilege to work in some of the world’s most pioneering and often intrepid organisations and supply chains.


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