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Security Risk Management (SRM) Services

Politically and commercially critical land-based and maritime security and protection, with overseas and national coverage is our core business. Our customers range from global integrated logistics companies to governments and project-based engineering or construction teams.

All our services can be delivered anywhere in the world, and are supported by our 24/7 operational centre. Each service we deliver is a combination of the elements listed below, which are tailored to precisely match customer circumstances and requirements. These solutions are usually for supply chains in high risk and remote areas.

Service element list:

  • Maritime security
    • Security auditing including vessel hardening, briefs and drills
    • Onboard or onshore security training for crews
    • 24/7 global incident support
    • Specialist maritime security personnel
  • Land-based and maritime energy security
  • CNI security
    • Entering high risk environments
    • Mining or oil and gas platforms
    • Border protection
    • Pipeline security
  • Training In supply chain and infrastructure security
  • Partnering smaller organisations


  • Security Risk Management (SRM)
  • About Security Risk Management (SRM)
  • Security Risk Management (SRM) Services
  • Maritime Security
    • Maritime Security Audits
    • Training Crew in Maritime Logistics Protection
    • 24/7 Global Incident Support
    • Maritime Security Personnel
  • Land-based and Maritime Energy Security
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Security Solutions
    • Entering High Risk Environments
    • Oil, Gas and Mining Security
    • Border Protection
    • Land-based and Maritime Pipeline Protection
  • Training in Supply Chain and Infrastructure Security
  • Partnering Smaller Organisations
  • Working Around the World
  • Compliance and Accreditation
  • Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR)
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