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Maritime Security

Offshore, coastal and onshore maritime security is the cornerstone of our business, and we pride ourselves on maintaining a workforce with length of experience, capability and expertise which stands a head and shoulders above the rest.

Security Risk Management (SRM) solutions are designed to deliver physical security coupled with these preventative and damage limitation measures of technology and knowledge:

  • Security auditing including vessel hardening, briefs and drills
  • Onboard or onshore security training for crews
  • 24/7 global incident support
  • Specialist maritime security personnel

Each part of every SRM’s security service is tailored to the constantly evolving requirements which are unique to each customer. Our specialists are always ready to act and become invisible as they seamlessly integrate with the customer’s crew and the onboard routine. All our solutions include specialists with best-in-class equipment. Additional equipment can be provided for the Master and crew on request

SRM’s employer’s liability insurance cover exceeds the BIMCO Guardon contract requirements and all of our personnel are covered by full medical and repatriation insurance. We also maintain full general liability (public, product and pollution) insurance.


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