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Land-based and Maritime Energy Security

Security Risk Management (SRM) global footprint in providing land-based and maritime integrated logistics security solutions combines scalability with local knowledge. The aptitude and experience of the fully equipped personnel within each team has made us an industry leader in risk mitigation and providing secure supply chain solutions in high risk areas.

Turnkey supply chain solutions to secure oil and gas platforms are tailored according to each customer’s working environment and business requirements. Some of the most fundamental elements include:

  • Precision planning
  • Platform/installation hardening
  • Physical security
  • Staff briefings backed by drills and rehearsals.

Our oil and gas protection services are discreet, our specialists seamlessly integrate into your current activities, are accustomed to living within large operations and upholding your policies and practices. SRM personnel are backed by our 24/7 global operations support centre, giving access to a wealth of experience and maximising the value your organisation gains from engaging with us.


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