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About Security Risk Management (SRM)


All SRM activities will be performed to the highest ethical, professional and operational standards. It is committed to delivering value through effective and appropriate support, thereby enabling clients to concentrate on their principal activities.


Each element of our mission is upheld within our corporate culture, by senior management, and is distributed through every part of our workforce. With an emphasis on adding value without compromising our high standards, we strive to set new benchmarks in service quality and industry ethics which, in turn, will reflect positively on the reputations of the brands we serve.

SRM complies with all relevant laws and industry guidelines. A detailed understanding of these regulations and principles is proactively cascaded throughout the company, in its policies, operating procedures and service delivery practices.

Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HESS)

HESS is part of our keystone policy to which SRM is fully committed in all its activities including its continuous improvement procedures. There is a deep understanding of how HESS responsibilities should be reflected in practice, through our actions collectively and as individuals. Within our working culture these responsibilities are extended into expectations of our partners and suppliers.


SRM is committed to setting and maintaining the highest industry standards in everything we do. Engaging with well-respected associations allow us to remain at the forefront of industry developments, which we put into action to help sustain our competitive position and bring added value to our clients.


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